Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Embossed scars

The shared past haunted the soul everyday. 

Inspite of all the adjustments and compromises the age old ghost raised its head to bring more pain and shattered whatever little solace found in each others company. 

How I wished the scars would be erased along with time and let life breathes!

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Unsaid words

She always wanted to know about his dreams. His life was a mystery to her. The way he carried himself with an elegant aura always left her speechless. What was going through his mind? What made him tick inspite of the harsher climes that life seasoned on him? 

Maybe those eyes of his carried too many secrets or may be, unknown pain which feasted in his heart when he took the drastic step.

She was too late and too young to understand those shadows in his eyes. The reverence she felt for him never allowed her to ask the inevitable.

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Monday, February 10, 2014

My passion

People do always wonder when I tell them that my biggest passion in life is to pursue knowledge in any form. For me there is no substitute for knowledge. If I am given an opportunity to rewind my life, I would certainly do it the right way this time without letting life's rough roads take me the other way.

I am very passionate about humanities. It ranges from history, geography, literature and world politics. This dream to pursue higher studies took root while I was a young mother of a four years old.I was already married for 10 years when I resumed the ropes of gaining knowledge  and set the ball rolling. With a determined spirit I could cross the hurdles and let knowledge lead me in the path of enlightenment. I am almost in my mid forties now and could round up my education with three post graduations.

But, the spirit of learning or gaining knowledge is not yet appeased. I have a deep desire to go for Ph.d before I hit my half century. I would certainly like to pursue Ph.d in literature in a reputed University in the United Kingdom, as this land of literature has always mesmerized me for ages. I would love to be part of Sheffield or Durham if destiny sides with my thoughts and my vagabond spirit.

Hope I cross the bridge when the time comes.