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The Body of This Woman,

Day-8 NaPoWriMo-2020

Prompt:  Twitter Phrases of famous poets ( I have taken one from Slyvia Plath Bot)

 image: Sunita Prasad

The body of this woman

A map, a universal cup

Life breathes in her bosom

A slow dance of oscillating chimes.

The body of this woman

Tastes of dewy morn, of lusty moonbeams

Sweaty, languorous,  honeyed summers

Of fragrant wildflowers in springs.

The body of this woman

Span's salt pans and deserts

Marked at different angles

Measuring the birth of a man.

The body of this woman

Scarred, in a demonic chase

Blood flows in her veins

Thirsty ravens drink her tears.

The body of  this woman

An edifice of sacrifice

Little mounds of unthreaded marks

A battlefield of life's struggles. 

The body of this woman

A monument, a pulsating minefield 

A passionate, meandering stream

An epitaph in flesh and blood.

The body of this woman... earth in transition!

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