Sunday, October 20, 2013

I knew it was my last day there

5 am! I knew it was my last day there. I decided not to reveal my plans and go ahead with my daily routine. I asked her to prepare some black tea to beat the winters. I prepared breakfast. By 7.30 am we had breakfast and our last cup of tea together.

Around 7.45 am I walked to the bus stop. It will take me to my destination. At 8 am I boarded the bus. The last glimpse I had was of my daughter on her bicycle. She was on her way to school. I waved her goodbye. It was 8.05 am.

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 Today’s prompt is by the very creative Sugandha of Shades of Life.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

A sad day in the history of Andhra

Today is a sad day in the history of Andhra Pradesh.The bifurcation of the state has left a gloom of broken hearts. The aspirations of millions of people are sacrificed at the altar of ambitions, by our leaders. They trusted them blindly to fight for their cause. But every action has an equal reaction. What might have caused this escalation? The division of people, their hopes, their affections, their roots and family is something incomprehensible.

For me Andhra Pradesh has become my karmi bhoomi. The past two decades of my sustenance here has evolved me as a better human being.I have achieved my share of success in the lively, friendly people of this hard-working  state. There were innumerable moments when life left its footprints on my soul and there were friends who consoled me through thick and thin.

Coming from a defence background, and to adjust to a civilian life was little difficult in the earlier days, but simultaneously i managed to cope up with the change. I started my journey working as a teacher in a small school and ended up heading a department in a degree college. A journey where I made a number of friends and learnt humility, dedication and commitment from each one of them.My students are not only my students, but my friends and who contributed a lot in making me what I am today.

But today,  it pains me to see the present situation, where youngsters are on the roads fighting for a cause, when they should be making their careers. Their talent is wasted in the political miss-mess. Every nook and corner of the state is burning with feverish passions. Housewives, career women, children, students and every walking living being from vegetable vendor to a garbage collector is fighting for the unification of Andhra.

I love this state for it's passion for a cause and it's hard working nature. A state which has a rich culture and heritage to talk about. I sincerely wish that we will get a positive outcome from all this political upheaval.