Friday, December 13, 2013

A dreamer of Hope

I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words 8th – 14th December 2013.
Day 7 of the Write Tribe Festival of Words prompt-DREAMS

Dreams! What a contradictory word. They follow us from the time we learn to accept life in its different hues. Parents dream to see their children become achievers. Children dream to fulfill these promises. A process of every changing curve of sustenance can shatter some dreams and some turns out in a heart warming reality.

I have been a dreamer as long as I remember, and have seen most of my dreams getting shattered too. Did I lose hope because of these failures? I did! I tried to compromise with the given situation, letting my dreams cocooned in some recess of my desires, deep in my heart.

Where there is a will, there is a way”. 

Maybe my dreams couldn't be shut down for a long time. They awakened from the slumber to exorcise me, to make them into a reality. I fought down my defences. It was tough, but I did. And the silver lining of achieving what seemed impossible,brought the bliss in the parched heart and a spirited soul.

Fighting to survive
On the plinth of reality
A force of unsung destiny
Like a thirsty mermaid
Searching for dreams
In the vastness.

The swirling warmth

Of the azure blush

She danced in circles

Fetching conch shells

Echoing heartbeats

Threading footfalls
Passionate dreams
A dreamer!


People who touched my soul

I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words 8th – 14th December 2013.
Day 6 of the Write Tribe Festival of Words prompt—PEOPLE

From last night I am in a dilemma how to start this new topic. Handling the other topics were easy, but this is a tough cookie to crack. When it comes to write about people, the problem is from where to start, about whom to write and what to write. So as part of this festival of words, I am going to post a few of my poems related to people who have touched my life in many ways. Some of these poems are published in world anthologies.
Here I go with my first the other half of the humanity WOMEN!

I am what I am by the virtue of the Lord
Blessed with perseverance in the human fold.
Feel me in humility and love, disguised
As mother, daughter, sister and wife.
Tuned in life in different roles,
Loved and cherished by every soul.
Pitied, shunned, coerced, submissive identity
An inborn grit to bear every adversity.
The mother of the fore-bearer
Universal truth unfolding in strife...
Pain and joy in others' happiness
An epitome of the highest sacrifice.
Blessed am I for been born
Part of an unending source of life to govern.
Not something to be treated as uncommon
I am what i am; I AM A WOMAN.

This poem is published in this anthology..

My next poem is dedicated to a woman who is also a part of the same society where mothers, sisters and daughters are treated with care and affection. But here is a segment of the same fold who are considered as pariah. A jaundiced society which is very selective in its treatment of its womenfolk! This poem is inspired by an article in THE HINDU newspaper.
 The Tainted One
We are cocooned 
In our blistering world
Hoping for miracles
In the zesty fold.

We live each day
Selling our soul.
The highest bidder
Shred our core.

That dawn in the horizon
Speaks for millions
Why is it not ours
When our pains are open?

The laws are kind
Towards the masses.
Our pain is invisible
We, the oppressed forces.

Our world and we
Live in our cocoon
Bleeding and uncouth
In our shady lagoon.

Our dreams are unborn
Freedom so distant
Pain, a lifetime companion
We, the commodity for all!

I am hugely indebted to the virtual fraternity. If I can write something, that credit goes to my online friends and communities which have harnessed some of my latent potentials. One among  them is to pursue my passion for poetry. So this segment goes to all those people who have been there supporting, inspiring and sharing my pain, sorrows and cheered me through some of the saddest phases of my life.

Many a time wondered,
Assuaged with this thought
Of meeting people
Known, unknown
Through the parchment of words.

Sharing; caring
In an unseen world,
Veiled faces of synced souls.
Far apart;
But, been so near
As if one's own.

A critical appraisal
Or an emotional bond
Every feeling left open
To satiate the soul.

Ah! a fraternity..
Of passionate heartbeats
Of emotional dependency.
Who care for each other
Above regional disparity.

A milieu of synced thoughts;
Brought together.
Bonded with each other
ever and ever
With a wreath of verse.......


Last but not the least I would like to share two poems dedicated to two important people in my life. One is my Late mother-in-law and another poem dedicated to my daughter.
In all my posts so far I have highlighted about Goa and how my native place plays a huge part in my personality. Being a Goan I was brought up with very liberal views and a western lifestyle without any restrictions. But after marriage things changed drastically. I had to adjust to a new culture, new family norms and a new lifestyle. In all these one person who supported me constantly was my mother-in-law. I am hugely indebted to her for taking care of me, teaching, guiding and supporting all the way. I do miss her a lot. She passed away in 2008.

Let heaven be yours

The void left behind, cannot be filled
When memories crash against the mind.             
The darkness engulfed, will change the path
Left in between by your love and faith.

The heart will mend, caressed by time.
But, Can I get back what I treasured the most?
Maybe in future when we meet,
At the crossing destiny predefined.

May there be lilacs in your yard
To fill with fragrance, your abode
With butterflies hovering with sweet nectar
Enthralling you with their embossed hues.

May the angels be your companions
Serenading you with their lyrical chimes.
Be there always with me in the times,
When my heart bleeds, for your constant support.

And here comes my last poem dedicated to my daughter. She is a 7 times national taekwando gold medalist and a state basketball player.She is a qualified engineer. I wrote this poem when she participated in a project related to ROBOTICS and made her first robot. My husband was in tears when she showed him her project. She carried forward his tradition of being an engineer.

 My Pride
 The reflection in the orbs depth 
Was the pride of the provider's heath?
Time has carved a monument
Of beauty and nobility
 A piece of life my own….

Soaring in the open sky
Full of warmth and gleeful sigh
The wings have learnt to spread far and wide…

Was it yesterday held she my hand?
For small gestures of attention she chant?
A heartstrings puller with umpteen queries
Passed my garden with giggling peals….

Now I look beyond the horizon
With a pride of bliss
My fledgling has grown too big
Its time for me to remain aside....

The world is at her feet
Beckoning with mystical quest….

My baby fly
Far and wide
You spread your wings

The last two poems on FAMILY are published in an anthology. Here is a link to one of our bloggers Roshan Radhakrisna's. He is also one of the contributors...

Phew! That was a real effort ;)
Warning!  All the poems are my thoughts, some ramblings which sourced out of my soul.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Remnants of a Life Travelled through Time

 I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words 8th – 14th December 2013.
 Day 5 of the Write Tribe Festival of Words prompt--TRAVEL

When it comes to travelling I have a number of stories to tell. Stories which have shaped my life, experiences and my outlook towards people, culture and especially food.

My love for travelling started some 3 decades ago when my husband got transferred to Mumbai from Goa. I was going out of my sweet Goa to the wild world of Mumbai for the first time. Just 18 and a long journey to a unknown place without my family around! I was so scared of this large technological giant that is going to take me to another destination. I was literally crying all the way and my husband had a hard time to calm me down.

From that day onward I have travelled to different parts of the country tagging along with my husband from coast to coast! Travelling has thought me compassion, a love for nature, sharpened my language skills and most of all has introduced me to the unifying fabric of this great country.

My best memory had been to a trip to Waynand along with my daughter a few years back ago when she was participating in a Taekwondo championship in Calicut. I fell in love with that serene place with its vast tea gardens and unending winding roads.


I know it is difficult to stop writing when it comes to an inspiring topic like travelling. So here i condense my experience in a verse. This summarize my passion for travelling and how it impacted my life.

Travelogue of my Destiny

Ist stage!

Before marriage---(GOA)

Life was full of fun,
A born bohemian
Where the heart sang
And danced to the
Song of waves
Wake up to the sun rays.
Played with the palms
Stretching my arms.


Married life in defence----(GOA, MUMBAI, COCHIN)

A merry go round
Traversing on limitless chimes
Touching new horizons
On the wing of unknown times.
Caught life between palms
Tasted the essence of togetherness
Cruised on the high seas
With joy, pain, sorrows in sync.


Life of a civilian...(Kakinada)

Took a toss with times
Life a shifting piece of rhyme
Swayed across the tide
Of the rough waters
Bringing in new phases
Of a life lived without fears.

In Future....(GOA)

Through a piece of fresh air
With an ounce of sunshine
See me fly in the sky
With a will of my own
In the arms of palms
And the willy salty waves.