Thursday, October 13, 2016


Day-12 #OCTPOWRIMO2016

In the 
flavored evenings
When strong gusty wind
Rocks the boat 
of faith.
A dormant resilience
from the ashes
Breaking the woes 
Into an abyss, of nothingness.

LIVELY PERSONA (Double Acrostic)


Living in a  coerced shell
Inhaling, a life of a bottled jinni
Victory was just a leitmotiv 
Enduring the angst against fate
Love knocked on her thorny whorl
Yearning a new dawn of joy.

Poetry built a rapport with kinship
Everything felt like a dreamy smile
Rosy dreams embraced the dreamer
Serenading her in the swelling delights
Overflowed happiness from a roaring inferno
Never was life such a heave
Amidst the heartbreaking pitfalls rose a soaring Madonna.



The discovery of oneself
Unfolds many possibilities.
With his chin held high
Gaining small victories
Paves a path of sublimity
Man moves ahead with certainty.

There are many avenues
Lined with rough patches
Life take turns in mystical ways.
A paper soaked in ink
Can be somebody's downfall
And, in a given moment, can move mountains.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Mind Games (Cascade)

Day-9 #OCTPOWRIMO2016#

                                                                  Image from google.

Those feelings of loneliness,
      Break the heart into pieces
            When the sun goes down.

             Spiraling through the motions,
      Different shades of fear attack
Those feelings of loneliness.

Sometimes, courage do fail
     In that moment, when the world, 
            Break the heart into pieces.

           How brave the soul is!
    With passionate strength, it breathes again,
When the sun goes down.

Monday, October 10, 2016

The Obstacles


Cruising through the journey
Life weaves a web of remorse,
Every force a tempting destiny,
Challenging the lucid course.

The mind does wanders,
Through the porous blunders
Dodging every pain lucidly
We embrace life wholeheartedly.

Childhood Delights


On dark winter morning,
When the birds go flying,
The tongue felt searching,
With a feverish urge of wanting.

Many times the delightful flavour,
Caused the heart to flutter,
On dark winter morning,
When the birds go flying.

How delightful were those days!
The enjoyable taste of deep fries,
Satiated the palate growling,
The tongue felt searching,
With feverish urge of wanting.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Promised Dreams



Thursday, October 6, 2016

Broken edges (A BLITZ)

Day-5 #OCTPOWRIMO2016#

                                                                Image from Google

Acute hope
Acute belief
Belief in happiness
Belief in choice
Choice to love
Choice to dream
Dream shattered
Dream evolved
Evolved in small doses
Evolved in faith
Faith in one self
Faith in general
General assumptions
General hollowness
Hollowness in fidelity
Hollowness in infidelity
Infidelity in behavior
Infidelity in joy
Joy of excellence
Joy of knowledge 
Knowledge in suffering
Knowledge in love
Love hurts
Love mauls
Mauls the soul
Mauls the nerves
Nerves in tangent
Nerves overbearing
Overbearing feelings
Overbearing pride
Pride in silence
Pride quintessential  
Quintessential moods
Quintessential relief
Relief from heartburn
Relief in solitude
Solitude a companion
Solitude a timekeeper
Timekeeper of moods
Timekeeper of understanding
Understanding one's sufferings
Understanding virility
Virility of existence
Virility xeroxed
Xeroxed behavior
Xeroxed yearning
Yearning for love
Yearning for trust

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Romancing the poison Ivy ( A Cascade)


In the hues of luscious red,
Hearts melted in romantic ache,
And how! the camouflage completes the soul.

Shaded with bygone era,
Time serenaded fragrantly,
In the hues of luscious red.

We too have betrayed
In the changing spectrum ,
Hearts melted in romantic ache.

Maybe it is time to feel
The paradise of poisoned purple
And how! the camouflage completes the soul.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Life Carrier


In its womb
Lies the heart of life
Sparking with a force
It carries umpteen
Histories buried
Deep in its abyss.

Some dazzling creatures
Embrace happiness
In the darkness
Breathing sequinned
Tiny, restless breaths.

Suspended on its wings
Hope walks
In the heart of humanity.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

THE VOID (An acrostic)


Tuning through the haze
Hard life knocks
Eternally, in small doses.

Very difficult to sustain 
Opposed views
In the stormy weather
Devoid of feelings.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Time Zones


Time to revel
Certain time lapses
Brooding over
Spilled coffee.
Too many dents In those words.   
Where they come from?
Who utters them?
Why do they cause pain?
A cacophony of tennis balls
Tic-tac, tic-tac,tic-tac.
Marinated thoughts 
Dance in a 
Kaleidoscopic carnival.