Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Revamped Emotions

Day 21- OctPoWriMo 2017 (Prompt Nothing Remains the Same---an  abecedarian)

Mykonos Man - Photo by Judy McDole (c)

As fifty seasons touch grey feathers

Beckons the heart, into the lost treasures

Craving to capture some lost moments

Dancing to the tune, of changing seasons.

Every day brings a new change

Forgetting too many things within our range

Gearing to remember the forgotten past

How time takes a leap and moves fast.

In my own world, I build my castle

Joining forces with my mind and soul, I jostle

Keeping track of all those missing memories

Lovingly turning, pages of old albums and sepia-shaded diaries.

Moving with restless fingers, touching pieces here and there

Noting down some sweet reminders, to remember

Opening the pages of fostered affections

Pilferage the fragrance of youthful passions.

Quietly gazes, a memory of lost love within those soft pages

Reminding that nothing remains the same and everything changes

Shadows of experiences  glimpse through the fold of wrinkles

Trust me, it is not easy to sustain the eroding jungles

Ushering a transformation within

Very adamant,  to handle the changing skin

We belong to the nostalgic clan

X-rayed memories do come in hand

Yearning for a little bit of sunshine in strife

Zooming with zest into the sunset of life 

The Longings

Day-20 OctPoWriMo-2017 (Prompt Desires and Remembering)

                                                        Image by V CT at PublicDomainImages

My universe

And your universe 

Couldn't meet

The barriers were too strong

How can we forget what was stored

In those soft moments of yore

A sudden ache from nowhere

Brought forth by a musical note

Your soft eyes and those layers of smoked icicles

The tenderness never left

It still visit and crushes the depth of the soul

Will there be another chance

To feel the same....

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Foxy Innings

Day-19 OctPoWriMo-2017 (Prompt- Fox or foxy...florette)

Photo courtesy of PublicDomainPictures

Heard some scraping sounds on the porch
Irritating noise loud and grouch 
Wondered who might be in distress
The night was silent and dark, but I tried to watch.

There; a ruckus in the hen coop
Somebody trying to play hoop
Aha! two foxy eyes stared back 
As I tried to pitch in, it bounced through the loop.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Crowded Loneliness

Day 18 OctPoWriMo-2017 (Prompt-Everyone Went on Eating)

image from google

Dancing shadows

 reveal shallow crowd-

Pain weeps insensibly

in hooded loneliness.

You talk

They  fake

You implore

They ignore

You are alone

They are on a song

 And then, life dances in misery

till the last breath drips slowly.

Happy Days

Day-17 OctPoWriMo-2017 ( Prompt-And The Dragon Chose..a short story poem in 50 words )

Image from google

It was a fairy tale

A fairy tale it was

When they met

Dancing in the rain

Tip tap tip tap

Went the sound of their feet

The little chipmunks

Starring and splashing

Playing and enticing

They softly whispered

In each other’s ears

Friend, let’s play

Today is a holiday.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

She Walks Tall Among the Wolves

Day-16 OctPoWriMo-2017 (Prompt-Losing your Fears and Tears )

She was trapped in her own shadows

The doors closed on her when she tried to open the windows

The stench surrounding that place was a hell of distress

The evenings traumatized her living days

She did everything in her power to break the shackles

How can she fight the demons sheltered in her homestead?

Their power harnessed in their eyes and hands

The power of  domination and muscled strengths

Years went by and there was no hope to fight the evil

The soul was dead and so was the power of resilience.

The gray shadows grew with changing seasons.

How long can one lay in that stained existence?

There must be something one is born to fight and sustain

One day she understood her worth

She was the universal truth

A powerful force born on this earth

She was  packed with endowed gifts

Patience, compassion, love, and faith were her companions

These were the weapons to fight the demons

And how she fought back!

A phoenix  was out of the ashes

She walked tall leaving her footprints

On the sands of time for the future generations.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Caught in a web of hatred

Day-15 OctPoWriMo-2017 (Prompt-Fighting the Urge to Vomit )

Image taken from google.

When I open the newspaper in the morning
I kind of get nausea while reading
The mayhem across the heartless world, where bloodthirsty hounds go killing
Without batting an eyelid, they fire at the innocents and leave them bleeding.

Where terror is disguised and misguided
The mind is wrapped and destroyed
Where greed takes the upper hand
No deadline for this madness to end

There are thousands who go hungry
Getting bombed and left to wander helplessly
Their stained bodies on canvas for display.

I am also a culprit, a self-centered soul
Living happily in my cozy world 
 I can only get angry and feel sorry.