Wednesday, October 31, 2018

A Beginning

Day-31 OctPoWriMo-2018
Prompt: Endless (Form: A to Z )

Image: Sneha

Dear OctPoWriMo,

As I Surrendered, Poems and Notes to you

Believe me, a life lived in Insecurity, found peace

Converging with like-minded wordsmiths and other Strange animals

Denied for too long hope smiled

Eagerly Conquered the past ghosts

For, many Unsent Letters were written

Gladly singing, In Moments of Madness the

Heart bled, with Love flowing

In  the Dancing on Air blushes and cried when

Joy shattered while Falling Through the Cracks

Kindred Tortured souls always questioned

Life, If I were you, If I were me

Mostly wondering, If emotions were an Umbrella when

Nobody around to Catch me when I fall

Over the hill, when Madness Reigns,

Poetic words reflected  on Once upon a Time fairy tales

Questioning What do you want?

Reality!When Time Stand Still

Sometimes, I was left puzzled. How will I know?

The Betrayed blood never 

Understands and See Me

Veering in my wounds

When the Doors goes both ways

Xeroxing shadows Inside Out 

Yearning for comfort. Pain! What color is it?

Zest for life Split in two dimensions, By the number game in an Endless quest.

Thank you for giving  me this platform

To mend and heal the oozing wounds.

You cleansed the soul in your warm embrace

In flowing waters of verses and introspective moods.

Yours ever grateful...

(Thanks to all poets who were part of this wonderful journey. May your pen always ink those blank pages of life)

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Dancing Thoughts

Day-30 OctPoWriMo-2018
Prompt: Dancing On The Moon (Form: Pleiades)


Tread in silently, with,

Tons of  reflecting words

Touching old wounds, and still,

Trumpet a victory,

To dance and sing,and fill

The canvas with colors,

Twined in splashing verse.

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Monday, October 29, 2018

The Number Game

Day-29 OctPoWriMo-2018
Prompt: By the Numbers (Form: Free Verse)

Numbers rule our world

From birth to death

There are countless ones and zeroes

Circumnavigating the cycle of tomorrows

Every moment is a centrifugal force

The time fixed birth

The time fixed death

The time fixed vows

The nuptial bonds 

Where numbers play a game.

Zero is a mystery

A formless entity

An illusion of metaphysical quality.

The dynamics of ONE

Known to everyone

It rules the heart and mind.

The holy trinity

A force to reckon with

The cyclic creation and destruction

Run in its orbital path.

Numbers create life

Numbers breathe life

The thirty-six qualities

Bind and lie

And our destiny revolves

In their clutches 

Till we embrace the ashes.

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Sunday, October 28, 2018


Day-28  OctPoWriMo-2018
Prompt: Split in Two  (Form: A  Riddle)

A leaf       tough and fragile

Fate strewn stones        lost storms brewed.

An imperfect       puzzle  formed

The stalk and green     the stamen too

A mirror               split in two

His reflection       ringed round  chasm

Her image             sharp shaded shadows

Choices call            chances troll unsung     

Cannot mend        the broken arrows.

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Friday, October 26, 2018

Colors of Life

Day-27 OctPoWriMo-2018
Prompt: What Color Is It? ( Form: Free Verse)

Image: Ather

I see a panorama 
splashed with varied hues 
in happiness and in sadness
in the warm smiles of children, 
the old and the deprived.

A symphony of colors
in its fragrant meadows,
when nature embraces
a wandering heart.

Passionate colors
kiss the seasonal blues,
 autumnal leaves, snowy nights.
Warm summers, bridal sunsets,
 romancing moonlights, touch my senses, 
as the rainbow kisses 
the azurine skies.

So many colors
touch and merge 
in the tinge of sorrow
in the tone of laughter.
All shades of existence I breathe,
as I walk through life.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

The Fading Breathe

Day-26 OctPoWriMo-2018
Prompt: Inside Out (Form: Sonnet)

Image: Sneha

Faking, the plethora of emotions,
Lots of water has flown under the bridge,
The dirge of thoughts chase the hidden motions,
The phantoms of the past advance and merge.

A venomous labyrinthine serpent,
Arousing the darkness and nothing seen;
Guilt, sadness, desire, fate echo the chant,
Weeps in aching silence, the shriveled spleen.

The smell of soil beckons, the rusted flesh,
A fathomless, unquenchable life feel,
Whispering winds, the wheels of fate unleash,
On a deadening stench of burning peel.

The brewing storms, uncover the charade-
No time to introspect, the ongoing parade.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Take a Chance

Day-25 OctPoWriMo-2018
Prompt: The Door Goes Both Ways (Form: Triquain)

Image: Sneha

Hold my hand,
Let's walk through the heartache
Let's burn together, in life's embrace
Tomorrow is a distant dream, no place for guilt
The barriers are too strong to break
Many thorns are strewn in
Still, let's walk.
Stand by me,
Walk through that silent door
Hear the rhapsody of soulful chimes
Time to feel the passionate fragrance of seasons
You cannot receive without giving
Take a chance for today
Hold my hand.

Thorns are strewn in, still, let's walk, hold my hand

(Here is a one of my old poems. Wrote it some 10 years back ago, and got published in an anthology too. As it is related to DOORS, thought of sharing with you all. It is posted in my old blog... )