Friday, April 26, 2019


Day-26 NaPoWriMo-2019

                                                                            image leu

To conquer the wandering desire,

A pulsating hunger, a dying myth,

In the heart of an ascetic wanderer.

An invisible, hideous Lucifer,                            

Storms the recess of sloth

To conquer the wandering desire.

Bit by bit passions feed  the fire,

To build forbidden dreams uncouth,

In the heart of an ascetic wanderer.

Silent wishes, come together to conspire

In the wilderness echoes, a dirge of  truth 

To conquer the wandering desire.

A ray of sunshine leaps, in the colliding fire

As hope reborn in the world of death

In the heart of an ascetic wanderer.

The mind  a quagmire,

Dreams and desires shadow, an unclaimed breath

To conquer the wandering desire

In the heart of an ascetic wanderer.

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Thursday, April 25, 2019

Verdant Valley

Day-25 NaPoWriMo-2019/A to Z Challenge 2019

Aha! the soul soother awaited long,

Gushed in without warning, a drizzling birdsong,

Ecstatically waltzing, on a musical tune,

An arc of hope shoots in a new dawn.

Mesmerizing, an armour of breathing notes,

Swirled in stealthily, the petrichor,

Streaming, serpentine, silvery showers

Rushed, to embrace the parched earth

Kissing thirstily they serenaded, in

The archaic dance of pagan love

Glowed the horizon with myriad hues.

Celebrating the union of lovers.

Joy in starving belly lips-

How green is my valley?

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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Unprecedented Loss

Day-24 NaPoWriMo-2019/A to Z Challenge-2019
Prompt: Today's prompt is to write a poem that, like "Dictionary Illustrations", is inspired by a reference book. 

I open an old copy of National Geographic which focused on global warming. The question"How can we(em)power the Planet" left a number of words swimming in front of my eyes. And the below image literally killed me. But, we cannot escape from reality. The old dictionaries do not have these images nor vocabulary.

Who will thrive?
As the world warms
Which animals will suffer?
Which one will prosper?
Woodland caribou, a Greater Yellowlegs 
or a Bengal Tiger?

A fragile paradise
How can they not feel afraid
When the world keeps telling them
That low –lying island countries
Like theirs, will soon be under water?
How to live with it
Against the tide
How can we power the planet
Why I’m Bullish about Earth’s Future
Travel the world, expeditions
Wealth of resources
Offshore gold mines, Solar oasis
King coal, Big Politics, Big Oil
Windy Plains
Amazonia, The human impact
Crop Changes
Frozen halibut, sled dogs
Aquaculture Ponds
American dog ticks
Planet probes
Here the challenge
Explorer, warming waters
A polar bear’s skin dries on a rack
Sustainable future.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Yin and Yang

Day-23 NaPoWriMo-2019

                                                                      Ginu and Laddu

The contrasting companions

Sturdy and compassionate 

Individuals of  impeccable character

There is the dominance of complexities

Once in a while, when the summer breaks,

A strong pull of the tides, 

Separates and brings together

The energy sustains

In their trustworthy eyes

A little patience and affection

Paws and furs a foot long

They are the happiness

The pharaohs of faithfulness.

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Monday, April 22, 2019

Thank You

Day 23- A to Z Challenge 2019
Form: An Acrostic

                                                                           image Sneha

To challenge self in the darkness and weave words

Hard to explain to an audience ready with their poisoned stings

Autumn touched many attempts and erased prints

Never give up, push to the brink, touch hearts, you challenged me

Keen sense of abandonment gripped the soul in  the midways

You stood with me firmly and brought back a Phoenix out of the ashes

Overcast skies became lustrously blue, and I feasted on the fresh springs

Umpteen doubts and a bleeding heart found solace in the bosom of words.

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Day-22 NaPoWriMo-2019
Prompt: Ekphrastic Poem

                     " Little Italy Scene-NYC" watercolor on paper by  Prasanna Velagala

I remember her tiny hands

The painter, knee-high some summers ago

She drew lines, circles, and squares

Filled them with perfect colors in little splashes and dashes

And slowly, the portraits filled in different shades

The tapestry of her imagination leaps into

Masks, buildings, boughs, and houses

A sudden halt and she bounces back

One fine day, she emerges stronger

We stand shoulder to shoulder

With bolder themes, sunrises, and sunsets

Mature mind encapsulates the essence of the alien lands

I see those images she captures on paper

Sprinkled with a keen eye, a scene, fragrant as home

One of my favorites, the hungry crowd, some other aliens

Bright, colorful under a street light, reminiscing 

The beautiful gardens in their homeland

The Alps and the Pyrenees flowed in their blood

Images, kaleidoscopic from across the ocean

Visits them in their reverie, and a sigh escapes,

The diners wait to feed the strangers

An immigrant embraces another one from a different mother

My little painter captures their expressions, across the street

And fill the blanks with a rainbow of her own heart

(The painter is an old student, who literally grew up in my arms. I am so proud of her. Her observation of the minutest details brings forth a talent which is profound and exceptional. An engineer and painter, she is gifted. I wish her all the success in life)

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Sunday, April 21, 2019


Day-21 NaPoWriMo-2019/A to Z Challenge-2019

                                                                         Image google.

Entangled, the blood spawned Frankenstein, 
a collage of mangled horror.

A wail of death hangs in silence
embossing the charred, dark, ghostly terror.

Sunday, a festive day, came eagerly after forty days, 
the new dress got dyed, from white to red.

The preacher, where is he? 
and the bearer of cross, nowhere to be seen.

Elongated images in half prayers 
were resurrected and buried in their sliminess 

Roared the Medusa in satanic verses, hideous behind a veil, 
and the blood got imprinted on the Easter eggs.

Did faith die today?